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A Hong Kong award-winning marketing and creative agency that specializes in creating cutting edge market activation strategy for tourism, hospitality and technology clients.


Our team care enough to develop laser-like focus, challenge conventions, yet achieve focused results for our clients. We build brand equity that focuses on differentiation, not only awareness.


We want to pioneer new ways of marketing and become a marketing leader in the world in inspiring brands and customer to go above and beyond to realise their wildest imaginations and the human possibility.

We are fearless and not here to be predictable. We create to thrills every cell in your body.



Best Media Campaign – KOL -

Best Social Media Event

We are fearless and not here to be predictable.

We create to thrills every cell in your body.

The born of Eighty20

Paul Tomes, Co-founder of Passkit, a platform that helps time-short businesses access the latest mobile innovations invited Yvonne to be the marketing consultant to its business after their collaborative success of over 10,000 first Subway Apple Passbook Passes downloaded within 24 hours in 2013 with over 12% redemption. It was a pilot for regional adoption and raised a lot of global and regional media publicity.

Since 2013, Eighty20 Marketing was born to help mobile marketing, O2O and e-commerce companies to increase share of voice across traditional, online and social media at first, and slowly recruiting more travel and hospitality brands onboard.

From the very start, the Pareto Principle 80/20 is true of almost everything in business that we can count - very tiny causes produce huge effects. We help our clients to focus on the 20% of marketing activities that will optimize each dollar you spend to improve lead generation, customer acquisition and/or retention outcomes. 

‘Best 20% of efforts get converted to almost 80% of the results’

We’re strong believers in focusing on a few items that generate the most significant results.
Achieving more with less. And STAY FOCUS.


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