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Hawai‘i Tourism Hong Kong Dragon Boat Sponsorship 



Outrigger canoeing is quickly growing in popularity around the world and this activity is perfectly suited to the warm and scenic waters of the Hong Kong coastline.  Outrigger canoeing is not only the official state team sport of  Hawai‘i, but it is also a rich historical reminder that living in Hawai'i means knowing and respecting the ocean. On behalf of Hawai‘i Tourism Hong Kong (HTHK), we partnered with United Airlines to support two dragon boat teams in 2017: the A Plus Dragons and the Victoria Recreation Club (VRC).

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  • This was HTHK's first sponsorship of VRC, the official host and organizer of the 18th Deep Water Bay Dragon Boat Regatta 2017. Through HTHK's sponsorship, which included the dragon boat race and the official jersey of the VRC, we aimed to not only spread awareness about Hawai'i as a travel destination to the 64 dragon boat teams, which included the VRC and 2,000 visitors, but also to establish a competitive paddle sports relationship between Hong Kong and Hawai‘i. Given that both Hawai'i and Hong Kong have a long history of dragon boat racing, we felt there was a huge opportunity for paddle sports enthusiasts to travel to each location, exchanging culture and skills. 

  • We also sponsored sports jerseys for the A Plus Dragon team and the VRC members. The A Plus Dragon team consisted of 75 Hong Kong travel trade members and professionals well-trained in dragon boat racing, including seasoned team members with more than 10 years of experience.

  • To celebrate the team’s victory, we invited Hong Kong actress Lana Wong-Hawai to appear on stage together with winning team members. The event was extremely popular and with featured 3,000 paddlers in more than 180 dragon boat teams, and there were more than 2,000 attendees.

  • Both events were very well received by the Hong Kong public and they generated massive online media coverage and social media buzz on sites like TVB, iCable TV, Viu TV as well as other media outlets.







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