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Purecomm Retail

Online-to-Offline Commerce (O2O)



  • Long-term client, "Purecomm" provides revolutionary cloud-based software for fashion and apparel brands looking to profit from omnichannel retail. It was brought to Asia to 'lead a revolution in O2O commerce.'

  • From a base in Hong Kong, Purecomm has rolled out its ‘Click and Collect’, ‘Endless Aisle’ and ‘Pay-as-you-GO’ modules to three luxury shoe brands with operations in the greater China region: Stuart Weitzman, Pedder Red, and UGG Australia. This solution is particularly appealing to Western brands wanting to enter the Asian ecommerce market without a big investment.

  • It has been developed in Cambridge, UK and Hong Kong and allows small to medium-sized brands and retailers to access an expensive system usually afforded only by large multinationals.

  • Eighty20’s scope of work was to promote the launch of Purecomm in the retail and technology industries, capturing mindshare both in Hong Kong and beyond on the broader topic of retail innovation. We created a dialogue with retailers and developed a range of engaging and creative content, including video teasers, offline event productions, thought leadership engagements, topical articles, and website content creation.



  • Marketing & PR Strategies: Eighty20 developed content around ‘Purecomm: Empowering omnichannel commerce’ and built awareness of the Purecomm brand and offerings.  This content not only discussed the technology behind the solution, but also what it enables retailers and enterprises, particularly CTOs, business owners and marketers, to do. We drove coverage highlighting the benefits for consumers to generate further demand.

  • Speaking Engagements: We profiled Purecomm as a leading start-up and positioned Charlie Bodycote, Managing Director of Purecomm, as an innovator in the hot space of ecommerce. We also pitched it in a number of retail innovation forums and panel discussions such as 'Luxury & Fashion Retailing Special: The Art of Excellence and Experience' and the 'Omni-Channel Retailing Conference' for Thought Leadership, Audience Engagement,  News and Technical Updates.

  • Event Production: We planned and executed a roadshow at the Retail Asia Expo and arranged a media briefing with live demos onsite, taking media and potential retail clients through the whole customer experience.

  • Strategic Partnership: We leveraged success with leading brands like UGG Australia to highlight Purecomm’s capabilities and showcase Purecomm as a leader in retail innovation.

  • Digital and Content: Eighty20 arranged photography and produced video teasers for engaging content feeds to media and potential clients.

  • Website: Eighty20 localized website content into traditional and simplified Chinese.



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