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Candia Focus Group




  • The dairy industry is undergoing a revival thanks to new product introductions that leverage rising consumer demand for healthier options.

  • Eighty20 aided leading French Dairy Brand, Candia, to conduct focus groups of carefully chosen pastry chefs from top hotels and restaurants in Hong Kong and China. These focus groups have helped Candia stay ahead of the curve. The focus groups delved into the trends shaping and reshaping a variety of dairy products, both presently and in the years to come. 




  • Eighty20 established the primary aims of the focus group research. We determined the number of groups needed and the types of questions to be investigated, as well as the composition of the participant groups, and the expected outcomes.

  • The focus groups each used either existing and upcoming Candia dairy product concepts. There were some ingredients for the respondents to use. Each group was moderated to elicit feedback on the product concepts.

  • This in-depth information from these focus groups created a basis for marketing strategies, and provided guidance about the changes neccessary in Candia products for markets like Hong Kong and China. The information obtained also provided reassurance concerning important organizational decisions about marketing and other strategic areas.



Days of focus group




Number of chefs from Hong Kong and mainland China's top hotels and restaurants in attendance

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