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Eighty20 in Mainland China

Our team consists of experienced professionals with strong backgrounds in public affairs, diplomacy, destination marketing, and trade commercial services, with a focus on bridging the gap between global governments, commercial brands, and the Mainland China market.


As a strategy and business advisory group, we help our clients identify, integrate, and advance new business opportunities in Mainland China. We also assist existing businesses in navigating the complexities of both established and emerging markets in the region.


Our extensive networks include multiple generations of politicians, business and civil society leaders, and decision makers on both sides of Mainland China and Hong Kong. Our unique position allows us to provide timely insights, solutions, and regional connectivity that our clients need to succeed in the Mainland China century.


At Eighty20 Mainland China, we differentiate ourselves through our highly selective team, unique approach, and results-driven methodology. This enables us to offer a powerful range of solutions and take on a multitude of engagements that vary in size, nature, industry, and geographic focus, ultimately helping our clients succeed in Mainland China.



Our team excels in crafting end-to-end B2B and B2C solutions for global governments, property developers, and tourism destinations. We have a proven track record of revealing each brand's full potential, igniting acquisitions, and breaking through the clutter to maximize return on investment.

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