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Eighty20 in Mainland China

After being closed for 3 years due to Covid, the Eighty20 Mainland China office will be reopening in June 2023. Our team consists of experienced professionals with strong backgrounds in public affairs, diplomacy, destination marketing, and trade commercial services, with a focus on bridging the gap between global governments, commercial brands, and the Mainland China market.


As a strategy and business advisory group, we help our clients identify, integrate, and advance new business opportunities in Mainland China. We also assist existing businesses in navigating the complexities of both established and emerging markets in the region.


Our extensive networks include multiple generations of politicians, business and civil society leaders, and decision makers on both sides of Mainland China and Hong Kong. Our unique position allows us to provide timely insights, solutions, and regional connectivity that our clients need to succeed in the Mainland China century.


At Eighty20 Mainland China, we differentiate ourselves through our highly selective team, unique approach, and results-driven methodology. This enables us to offer a powerful range of solutions and take on a multitude of engagements that vary in size, nature, industry, and geographic focus, ultimately helping our clients succeed in Mainland China.


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Yvonne Ma

Founder & Managing Director, Hong Kong and Mainland China

Yvonne is a strategic branding and marketing expert with over 17 years of experience, specializing in planning overall business strategy for branding, content, digital, and social marketing operations. As the founder and leader of Eighty20, she has secured partnerships with leading global governments, property developers, and tourism brands, such as The European Union, Brand USA, San Francisco Tourism Association, and Visit Luxembourg, among others. Her expertise has empowered these organizations to innovate and drive their success in the digital age.


Yvonne was the Director of Brand USA and Hawai’i Tourism Authority mainland China and Hong Kong Office respectively from 2016-2019. Prior to that, she oversaw the Brand USA Taiwan and Singapore office, where she reshaped the brands to meet the challenges of the digital age and launched a range of innovative marketing campaigns in Asia.


Yvonne's expertise in strategic branding and marketing operations, combined with her extensive experience in working with global governments and tourism brands, making her an invaluable asset for any organization seeking to increase their presence in the region. Moreover, her commitment to diversity and inclusion underscores her ability to connect with people from different backgrounds and cultures, a crucial skill for successful collaboration in today's globalized world.

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Stephen Yan 

Strategic Director

Stephen holds a Master's degree in China Studies from City University of Hong Kong, and has 8 years of experience in the mobility and tourism industry, as well as 3 years of working experience in E-commerce. He served as the Travel Trade Manager of Hawai’i Tourism Authority China Office. He cooperated with more than 100 outbound travel agencies and KOLs nationwide on a daily basis. Later, he joined "Zuzuche租租車" as the Director of Public Affairs, China's largest international car rental and road trip booking platform, and worked with governments of various countries to attract more Chinese road trippers to overseas destinations. At the United Nations, he gave a keynote speech to introduce outbound traveller’s patterns and trends from China, as well as interests, so that all other destinations can learn more and prepare to receive Chinese travellers.


During his tenure at "JD.COM京東集團", China's largest E-commerce trader, Stephen served as the Deputy Director of Public Affairs in JD South China region. He has great access to major internet companies and supply chain for consumer goods across the country. He's also familiar with relevant governmental agencies and ensures sound collaboration with them to allow the smooth functioning of business.

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Alvin Lam

Business Director

Alvin Lam is a seasoned entrepreneur and third-generation successor of Forward Winsome Industries Ltd, a renowned industrial and business company in China. With extensive experience in operations management at Gucci of Italy, he returned to Hong Kong in 2011, developing a deep interest in the art investment industry. In 2015, Alvin took over the family business of Forward Winsome Industries Ltd and infused it with a new sense of purpose, promoting the spirit of Lion Rock, symbolizing perseverance and determination. Alvin's grandfather is one of Hong Kong's toy manufacturing leaders, famously known as the "Father of Rubber Duck." Alvin has also been involved in the rebranding of Lam Leung's LT Duck and has traveled extensively throughout China for this project.


In 2018, Alvin founded Off the Record Ltd., focusing on art collection and cultivating relationships with business leaders for art-related projects. He has built a wide network of connections in the high net worth community, spanning finance, healthcare, property development, art, fashion, and entertainment, leveraging these connections to secure funding for his own ventures and to help other entrepreneurs and start-ups to succeed.


Alvin is the Business Director HK and Mainland China of Eighty20 Powerhouse since August 2022, leading the team in creating new opportunities in top-end commercial districts. Alvin's extensive experience and diverse skill set make him an ideal partner for global governments seeking to expand their reach in the Hong Kong and Mainland China markets. His deep understanding of the luxury industry and his wide network of connections provide invaluable insights and access to potential investors and partners.




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