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Jamie Oliver Hong Kong Tour



  • There was a significant amount of initial buzz and excitement when Jamie’s Italian first opened in Hong Kong, as it was the first restaurant owned by Jamie Oliver, an icon in Hong Kong. However, like most restaurants in Hong Kong, after the initial 6-12-month honeymoon period, the business slowed down, requiring more excitement, engagement, and effective marketing campaigns to attract more new customers and retain the existing ones.

  • Eighty20 was appointed by Jamie’s Italian Hong Kong to lead and restructure its internal sales and marketing teams and to plan and execute yearly marketing programs including new menus. We worked with the operations team to get its fundamentals right and, most importantly, increased the hype in the region. 

  • Jamie’s Italian was set to launch a second Jamie’s Italian restaurant in Hong Kong, and Eighty20 was tasked with planning Jamie Oliver's visit to Hong Kong for the new restaurant's announcement and raising excitement around its opening.



  • Product Development: Jamie’s Italian Hong Kong is a franchise, and the menus of franchises are often standardized. However, we wanted to the existing product to the next level, so we worked closely with Jamie’s Italian UK team operations team to share how the recipes and menu would fit into the local market. For example, to fit the Hong Kong market, we launched the first Jamie’s Italian afternoon tea planks and express lunch set. Since diners in Hong Kong tend to order dishes to share, and we launched the first Chinese New Year set menu for big families to share. We also hired a sales director to restructure and create new revenue streams via group and party bookings.

  • PR & Messaging: Jamie’s honesty and enthusiasm are a huge part of what makes him so popular, and this

passion needed to come across in the restaurant's messaging. We believe CSR plays a large role in driving a brand forward. Therefore, we invited the underprivileged to enjoy a free meal for two to celebrate the special day. We also partnered with a food bank to donate food, created an in-depth kid's menu, and actively arranged outreach programs with schools to encourage healthy eating among students. This strengthened the image of Jamie's Italian as a premier family dining restaurant with a humble yet sociable dining ambience.



  • Strategic Partnership: Leading up to the launch of the second restaurant, we developed intuitive partnerships to drive brand stakeholders and build relationships with brands like Uber and Food Revolution Day. 

  • Second Restaurant Launch Event: We planned for the visit of Jamie Oliver to Hong Kong to coincide with the opening of the second Jamie’s Italian in Hong Kong. This built hype and maximized the positive exposure for the brand in relation to the visit, as well as driving recruitment and building hype. His visit was important by demonstrating his commitment to Hong Kong and driving team and consumer brand loyalty via a number engaging events that emphasized the Jamie's Italian family ethos. A press conference was held during Jamie Oliver's visit, so he could reveal details about the second site to the Hong Kong media. An exclusive opening event at the second site was also hosted for investors and influencers to preview the restaurant.

  • Digital & Content: We created a video teaser featuring Jamie Oliver for the promotion of the second restaurant. This video drove brand positivity and awareness. We also created content to increase the number of followers and engagement on four social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Weibo and Twitter. 

  • Design: We designed marketing materials for Jamie’s Italian Hong Kong such as campaign e-newsletters, brochures, posters, postcards, e-banners, and souvenirs.



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